Photo of Williams/Bally – WPC 6-Ball Trough Upgrade, by Mantis Pinball

Williams/Bally – WPC 6-Ball Trough Upgrade

Totally redesigned trough assembly. This trough has a unique rail system so it will not jam if a light bulb or screw goes down the entrance hole. It just falls through the rails. The stainless steel rails are non-magnetic so they will not magnetize over time. It includes a slide mechanism to stop the balls from coming out when doing maintenance. Just remember to slide it back down when you want to play.
SKU:  67A-E_A-16809-M_A4/E2/E8/G5/D3
MPN: A-16809-M

Game Compatibility

This part works in the following games:

The Shadow, Attack From Mars, No Fear, Revenge From Mars, Theatre Of Magic, Johnny Mnemonic, Indiana Jones, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Monster Bash, Champion Pub, World Cup Soccer, Demolition Man, Congo, Corvette, Cirqus Voltaire, Jackbot, The Flintstones, Indy 500, Judge Dredd, Junkyard, NBA Fastbreak, No Good Gofers, Road Show, Who Dunnit, and Medieval Madness.