Photo of Twilight Zone – Slot Machine Scoop, by Mantis Pinball

Twilight Zone – Slot Machine Scoop

The original was zinc plated steel and took a beating. The welds would all break and then the return ball out of the scoop would start to bounce destroying the playfield. The other problem was the target just to the left of the scoop. The target would bend backwards over time and launch air balls all over the place. So Mantis designed a scoop made out of stainless steel that had far better welds and incorporated a target support. The L " shaped metal tab off the side of the scoop supports the back of the target just to the left of the scoop. Due to this the scoop can be hard to install. You must remove all the targets around the scoop to install the new scoop.
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Game Compatibility

This part works in the following games:
Twilight Zone