Photo of Stern – Trough Upgrade Kit, by Mantis Pinball

Stern - Trough Upgrade Kit

This is the long-awaited Stern trough upgrade kit. This upgrades the Stern trough to a stainless steel rail system. This eliminates the problems with this trough and the hang-ups that occur after heavy use. Just transfer the coil and screws from your original Stern trough to the new trough and forget about trough problems. Add our trough top and the trough system is far superior.
SKU:  313_Stern_Trough_G2
MPN: 515-6580-01 and 535-7330-01

Game Compatibility

This part works in the following games:

AC/DC, Avatar, Big Buck Hunter, Family Guy, Lord Of The Rings, Metallica, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Rolling Stones (Stern), Shrek, Simpsons Pinball Party, Sopranos, Spider-Man, Star Trek Pro (Stern), Tron, Walking Dead LE, X-Men LE Wolverine