Photo of Scared Stiff – Protector Set, by Mantis Pinball

Scared Stiff – Protector Set

The 3 piece Scared Stiff protector set helps reduce damage to the playfield. The large rectangular protector is to cover the inside of the spider hole on the right side of the playfield. The L-shaped protector with the big mounting holes is for protection on the hole just of the left and in front of the crate. The protector mounts between the mechanism and the wood. The large holes allow for adjustment when the mechanism is loose. The U shaped protector protects the eject hole on the upper left of the playfield. All the protectors mount from underneath with the 4 provided screws. I recommend pre-drilling the holes for ease of installation.
SKU:  18-19-20_SS-prot_kit_D4

Game Compatibility

This part works in the following games:
Scared Stiff