Photo of No Good Gofers – Left Gate Bracket, by Mantis Pinball

No Good Gofers - Left Gate Bracket

This is the Left Gate Bracket re-engineered made in Stainless steel.  This part is not used in the game as the right bracket was used twice.  However the left bracket gets beat up pretty bad right next to the pop bumpers so I made a mirrored bracket to go on the left side.  I also made the holes oblong to help line up the spinner on the main loop better.  So of course you can use the right gate but now you can use the redesigned left gate which will not get as beat up from the pop bumpers. Special shout out to Kris at Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR for assisting me on getting these made.
SKU:  319_NGG_A.22037.2.L_D6
MPN: A-22037-2-L

Game Compatibility

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