Medieval Madness – Protector Set


The 4 piece Medieval Madness protector set comes with 6 screws for mounting. The laser etched piece attaches to the existing screw between the castle secret entrance and gate. This piece helps protect the hinges of the drawbridge. This piece is sold in two variations, and this kit includes the version without the second hole, which is not really necessary. It is etched with a rock pattern. The big U shaped protector goes in front of the exploding castle to protect balls entering the secret entrance and falling into the green moat ramp. The small U-shaped protector protects the eject mechanism hole on the upper left side of the game. The curved aluminum protector is for the Merlin hole. This installation can be difficult and require some adjustment. The protector is designed to be bent so installation can occur. Bend it so it will fit and then once in place bend it back into the original shape. It can be formed to best fit your hole. I recommend pre-drilling the holes for ease of installation. Each piece in this set is sold individually .

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

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